Snow? what of it

March 2, 2018

If you're reading this around the time it was written you are probably curled up avoiding the snow!!


Yes....... snow,


I wont rant on about it, you've probs had enough of that from tv, radio, next door and their cats!


Anyway, now the scene is set, I hope you are all doing fine, and are not letting all this weather business get to you


It has been a VERY long time since I did 1 of these.... bout a month perhaps?


Well a few things have happened, I now have a PC again, yes I'v taken that next step, I feel my internet usage is under enough control 2 use 1 sensibly, now it means I get to vlog again, wooooop!!!!


I will somehow try to integrate them in with this


Iv also started taking the supps i told you bout in a previous blog, so far I'm trying out a brain function 1, which is supposed to increase brain activity, cognitive functions, and a mood enhancer, I take 1 a day atm, but you can take 2, which I need to do, as I'm only starting to feel the effects slightly, but noticeably enough to wanna keep trying it on a higher dose


Also im trying a thyroid function 1, this is suppose to aid thyroid function (yes seriously), it can increase metabolism  and so forth, helping to lose weight, it also does a bunch of other stuff, but that was why I chose this 1.


Im also taking melatonin (the sleep thingy) this increases the natural levels your body produces of melatonin to aid a better sleep, this is 1 I'm having a few issues with, my sleep is deeper, but I'm still finding myself waking up in the early hours, so need to juggle the dosage about a bit


 Other than that there's not really much to report, things are progressing nicely which tbh is probs why iv not done a blog for a while, had nothing to report


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