Panic attacks

August 13, 2017

This morning at roughly 4:34am I woke up suddenly, my breathing was short, I had pins and needles in my arms toes and fingers, I was sweating, my chest was heavy.....


..... I was having a panic attack, I don't know why, whether I'd had a bad dream, or something bad had crept into my head I'm not sure, but boy is it a bad feeling, luckily (yea right) I'v had enough of them in the past to know what to do, it's different for each person, but I have 'toolbox' I go back to when feeling bad. after around 10 mins i was settled again, but the damage had been done, I was awake, and anxious, struggling to get back to sleep I came online, no luck, no-one was online to talk to. Made me think, how many of you suffer similar? how do you deal with it? can it be explained or is it just something you've got used to?







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