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Well it's been a few month or more since my last post, I bet you think I'v forgotten bout you all?.... well you're kinda right, tbh this is kinda taking a back seat these days, seems a faff to me to do it. Not because it is a faff, but because it jus keeps escaping my mind to update the thing

I mean its been months, I'v done half a dozen or more diff chilli challenges (boy have I done some chilli challenges!!!) and I'v totally not done a written review of them, I shall try to amend this issue over the coming weeks, as yet again Britain is plummeted into a 3rd full lock down (no offense bojo, but you suck, and not in the good vampyr kinda way!!!)

Also another thing that's happened is my fave beard care company has closed thanks in part to covid, also 1 of my secret chocolate companies has also had to close (though my next bit of news makes this point somewhat mute!)

I have recently (about 2 and a bit months ago) started to take my health (physical not mental) a bit more serious, and started to do a thing call the juice plus+ plan, I'v discussed it briefly over on my @yt channel, so if you wanna know more I suggest you go check it out, I'v created a spreadsheet docu on the pc to keep track of it, and now as I'm doing this, I kinda think I should keep track of it on here too, I mean it'll always be on @yt (unless the powers that be take down my channel) but it would be kinda cool to also document it here too right?, so again look out for some future posts bout that, it'll b a fortnightly or monthly update!!!

In fact, as I decided to do 1 of these blog posts, alot of things has sprung to mind, yes, I did enjoy doing these, why ever did I stop doing them!!!!!

Anyway its like 05:35, I'v had a shoddy night, which tbh is probs why I'm thinking of all these things I should/could be doing.... my mind gets like that!

I think, as we are at the start (-a few days) I shall try and keep up with this blogging a little bit more, maybe once a week, or once a fortnight?!, the whole new year new start/fresh year fresh start malarky

shall leave it here on a high note I think

take care, and see you in a few days!!!!!!

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