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it's been too long

hi guys n dolls, its been awhile, far too long......


Things have been kinda chaotic in my life recently, so figured I'd do a post bout it.

I'v taken a step back from @youtube atm, for mental and physical reasons, mentally I feel like its become a bit stale, I'd been getting up at stupid o'clock in the mornings (01:00-03:00) jus to record tosh, mostly my fortnightly doings, which as you can imagine for someone who doesnt really get out much, isn't really alot, so I was jus spurting the same rhetoric week after week ( well fortnight after fortnight!), this was leaving me mentally drained to say the least, and id struggle to find things to say etc

Also over the last 2 months, my physical health has started to decline, I'v been getting chest pains a bit, fatigue, so had a few bloods done, a couple of ecg's, etc etc, jus a bit of a overhaul.... my blood sugars have spiked, so I'm probs gonna need to go on meds for my diabetes, my blood pressure is high (when they discovered this it was 139/121) so i had to do a week of monitoring, where it seems to of been around 120-140/85-101, sao still high. I'm currently waiting on a contact with my gp to discuss where to go with this, but seems like it'll be meds for that too

I had to go to the hospital on the 6th april '22 to see the rapid response chest clinic about my chest pains.....

the nurse recons its cuz with my blood pressure bein high already, that when i do any exertion its putting added pressure on my heart, which is where the chest pains are coming in

So basicall, iv gotta try and get my diabetes and blood pressure under control, which should make the other issues lessen

on a high note though ( I think) my mental health specialist and I have agreed to start lowering my anti-psychotics...... not 'cause im getting any better, but cuz its a very high dose which comes with physical health problems (weight gain for eg)

So, after reading this I think you will understand my need to take life a lil easier....

I do however have 2 vlogs in the pipeline, both chilli challenges

Yes I still do them, and still 'enjoy' doing them, though I havent really posted anythin about it on here in so long


Thats it on the side internet and health side of things..... I do however have 1 other issue thats in my life right now, and thats the police...... just over a year ago i had an interview with the police about some things on my pc, , id downloaded some porn i thought was legit, turned out it was illegal (extreme bdsm) if id of known it was ilegal i wouldnt of downloaded it, but it is what it is, i havent yet been charged with anythin ( even after a whole year), I'm not sure if I will or not, or wether they will decide the year of pause and stress will b enough of a punishment... but yea each day i wake up expecting a visit or letter off the police charging me with this offense,

Thats about all I think I can saty on the subject as of now

so yea all in all I'v got alot going on atm, which has been 1 of the reasons iv been absent on here.

I shall try harder in the future!!!!

till next time folks xxx

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