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Well, as I'v said in a previous post, I'v made a start on a 'juice plus+' journey, for the 1st month, I was taking the boosters, you take upto 3 a day (I was taking jus the 1 sometimes 2) 30 mins before a BIG meal (ie wouldn't really make much diff if it was just before a sarnie or salad) and it cuts your cal intake by 25%....

Well that 1st fortnight, I lost about 3kg.... my start weight was 124.something kilo's.... i was very impressed, the weight continued into the 2nd fortnight, so my mentor (a friend of mine) suggested I try the shakes too, which I did, since then I'm coming to the end of my boosters, and am now taking the capsules, which you take a fruit 1 and a veg 1 in the morning with my morning meds, then I take the same again, just before my evening meal (these will phase out the booster powder)

My wqeight has been up and down since doing this so far, going from the initial 124 kilo, down to 119.7 kilo, and in-between at various points, this has left me kinda wondering what I need to do to keep it off, as I tend to lose it, then put it bk on, then lose it etc etc.... atm I'v not really altered my eating habbits, kinda hard when the foods I'd like to eat on a more constant timescale isnt really what my mum wants to eat, the 'xxy community' the fb group that works along with juiceplus has a food bible of ideas for foods, breakfasts, lunch, dinner etc etc, even snacks and stuff.... but, it's had when you have to take into account other peoples tastes and food routines (for eg, my mum does BIG portions!)

Also atm I'm only doing light 'occasional' exercise, this being 1 of those bike peddlers (the bike peddals on a frame) as atm I weigh too much for a home exercise bike (most 'affordable' 1s, have a weight limit, of 100kilo's.....

So basically in order for me to really get any kinda regular thing happening I need to lose at-least 20 kilos....

And tbh im struggling to see how I can do this, when my motivation is so low due my depression,, now I know what some of you will say..... exercising increases.... blah blah blah, which is proven to help decrease blah blah blah....


Anyway thats all for the months health boost update!!!

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