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boy things change...!!!

Well okay there people, its been bout 5 months, and things have certainly changed, not just in the world but on this freaking thing too!

not sure whats going on tbh, I'll do a bit of reading and get back to ya on the internet blog site changes later...

But for now, wow, corona virus eh, who'd of seen that happening!!....

and certainly who'd of thought it would make such an impact on our lives

Social distancing and self isolation has become the new term for something I'v been doing for years!!!...

how are ya'll finding it? me personally? i'v not really noticed much of a change, i still only get out the house a couple of times a month, and that just for meds and food, which is pretty much all i was doing anyway!...

I think its mental how, jus this tiny little virus, has gotten a huge grip over the whole world, not just for people, but the economy too, lands being driven to the brink of going bust

But anyway, the reason behind this is just that I'm gonna try and do some sort of video journal over on the old youtube

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