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Ok, so guess what I did at the weekend??... no? ok, I'll tell ya


As many of you may know, I like gaming, nothing big, or fancy, I'm not the next big thing, but its just something I do to relax. I used to do gaming videos on my primary account, 'vampyr2109' but once i decided to go down the mental health/music/beard route, it seemed a bit too much to also include gaming in that mix too....

So now I give to the world of Youtube 'the.bearded.gamer2109', yup another bearded title (I have 1, so why not make it a feature point).

This channel, will going forward, only include gaming videos, though I might add my chilli challenges into this mix too (aswell as on my primary channel), the kinda games I do will be limited to a certain extent, but unlimited in another way, this is because atm, I only have a basic pc, it can handle gaming, which is why I'm doing this, but I'm going to concentrate my efforts on the low end pc games, retro games, and emulator games, all of this should give my channel a fairly decent appeal (I hope) to the kinda people, who are into the older styles of gaming...

Anyway just thought I'd share this news, atm I dont really have any custom art work to go for my logo and header, just something I whipped up myself, with my VERY limited pc know-how, but hopefully at some point I'll get something a lil more pro looking!

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