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well hello there guys n dolls, as you can imagine this blog is about a new beginning, for myself, but over on my @youtube channel....

I am no longer 'Vampyr2109', no no, I am now 'The Bearded Vampyr'.

As you can imagine, this didn't take too long in coming up with the new name, but it seemed more apt for what my channel is about, I am a guy, who does beard product reviews, so made sense to add the bearded bit in there.

But it doesn't stop there, I'm kinda having a total overhaul of the channel, gone are the video games (they weren't really getting the response I was hoping for), gone are the tag and dedication vlogs, again they weren't getting a good response from viewers. I am continuing with my coin collection (purely 'cuz I don't wanna leave it half finished)

Now the emphasis is to be on mental health, as I feel being a sufferer I have a good amount of experience of tackling mental health issues, inside knowledge if you wanna call it that. Also my channel will include a decent amount of music chat, mostly about what tunes I'm liking and listening too, again, as music is a big thing with me to help combat the voices I hear, I feel its something I can talk about quite easily.

All this will I hope bring in new viewers and subscribers, it's already proven a fairly decent change, as my recent videos have had 3x the response of my regular stuff. also in the past few days I'v gained 2 new subs., all moving in the right direction

I'v had a good friend do a new mock up design too for my channel, but this is only a temp thing 'til i can afford to hire a designer on 'fiverr' to do me a more pro design.

Anyway, I shall leave it here, hope you enjoyed the little read about the new venture, and I'll see you in my next post, or hopefully over on youtube itself!!!

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