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Yet another VERY good balm

OK, so as you probs guessed this is gonna be a beard balm review!

This is part of a halloween range brought out by 1 of my fave companies 'barber's bay', they seem to have a real ability to "knock 'em out the park" as the saying goes, and this 1 is no exception.

When you 1st open it, BAM, you get hit with the rose, that smell of a luxury turkish delight, a nice sweet smell fills the nose, but wait, theres something else there, it kinda enhances the rose smell, and that is the smell of oud, I dunno how, who, or where they discovered that combo, but let me tell you, it REALLY works

Now clearly it does state on the tin 'vintage rose and oud' but I wasn't expecting this kinda smell, i was expecting a more oud smell with a floral high note, but this is totally the other way round, the ability to control the oud (which is usually a very powerful smell) is awesome, to have that as an enhancer to the rose is class,

Yes you walk around smelling of a turkish delight for a while, but honestly, who DOESN'T like that smell?!

And the smell itself lasts, just like their other product I'v tried, so a good 5-6 hours of smelling lush

This could jus possibly be in my top 3-5 scents iv tried since doin this beard journey, and I'v got a good selection of balms and oils now, so that is saying something (i get a totally different unique scent each month with the beard care club- check out 1 of my earlier reviews for details!!)

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