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*sings* It's been a while

why yes, yes it has, and 'where have I been?' I hear you ask!

well, tbh, all over the place, but mostly YouTube. In case you weren't aware I now have a schedule over yonder, and it's kinda keeping me busy, not like mega busy, but enough to keep me occupied and away from dangerous thoughts, this is good right? check!!!!!

Also September is my birthday month, and it being on the 4th, means any pressies I get myself with the money I get from my extremely generous friends i have over on FB, tends to come in dribs and drabs through the month, so that's 1 video made up of a lot of little videos!

In case you were wondering, I got some cool stuff this year,

-a beard grooming kit off my mum (I chose it, she just paid for it!) - a review of it will be following at some point (keep them eyes peeled)

- i got the much better logitech c922 pro webcam, which means soon green screening will be a thing for me (looking at new year/end of jan)

- I got a tonne of beard oils/balms, 1 of which I'm currently product testing this week, so, again, look out for a review soon! - part of this mini beard haul included a cool 45% off artius man products via a cool discount from 'beardtube', I used the code he gave people to get a bundle of 5 beard oil samples, I'v not really looked into them much yet!

-And as ever I treated myself to a few things too, again beard related, as you may know I love the stuff from barber's bay, so naturally I got myself some of their halloween inspired scents, also as the guys there are really decent they promised me a tobacco and leather scented oil, this they kept their word on, and it arrived, now I'v jus gotta keep my word and do a review of 1 of the balms I got from them (product testing that 1 next week!)

-Lastly I got an 'infinity loop' brain puzzle type thing off my nephew, this has been a really cool present, lots of fun to be had with it, if you got a friend or family member you can compete with.

So yea, the month of September has been kinda busy for me, but it's all positive

Also on a positive (for a change) we actually had a visit off my nephew, he only stayed Tuesday to Friday, as his son was missing him, the plan was to go home Saturday though, so not a huge change of plans, the visit went really well, I'v decided it's time to hand my beloved he-man figures down the line to Toby ( he's still too young for them just now) but at least this way they are staying with the family line, rather than me selling them off to gawd-knows-who!

Not sure there's anythin else to report bout my absence, so I shall leave it here for now,

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