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Chilli product review part 10:the choco challenge

Let me paint a picture! I was surfing YT (as 1 does!) looking for inspo for vlogs, and I came across this random video of a woman doing a chilli challenge, nothing new there I thought, but reading the description, she mentioned a new chilli, 1 I'v not heard of........

This sparked my interest, upon watching (which was very hard due to her redneck accent) I discovered this thing called the choco challenge, using a chilli pepper known as the 'black reaper', now this just happens to be an unreleased chilli, harvested by the same guy who gave us the carolina reaper, only this is even hotter.

I did a bit of research, watched some more videos, which went into the challenge in more detail, clicked links, etc, etc. The links took me to this page by Fuego, a chilli sauce specialist supplier. they were doing this choco challenge, a square of chocolate infused with this mysterious black reaper, and to boot, part of the proceeds were going to prostate cancer research (we all know chillis and bums have a love/hate relationship)

So, I decided to take up the said challenge and ordered me some, well 1, as this thing wasn't cheap, and knew thew postage would only hike it up more, plus by the time it arrives it would be too late to do the prize....

So I waited....... and waited, then a note from the postie, I had a parcel due, but it needed customs paying, great I thought, something that's already cost me a tonne is gonna cost me even more. but i paid the charges, and it arrived

It looked glorious in its box,

Now to try it, oooooh I thought thats a nice touch as I saw the sprinkle of salt, that'll be a nice bit of salted choc, THEY DIDNT MENTION THE SALT WAS GHOST PEPPER SALT, ouch with it already, all down in 1 go , or I'd never have it

chew, chew, chew... pain, pain, pain, yea this was hot, I'v had carolina reaper choc before, but this was another level, BUT unlike the carolina reaper 1, this actually tasted nice with it.....

10 minutes passed, ice cream, yogurt, milkshake, milk, still in pain.

This was good, in a very hellish, sadistic way, I thought to myself, at least it was value for money!

Now usually I'd score it here, but how can you score something so bad its good and so good its bad!!!

All I will say is this, I'm glad a charity got a lil bit of money from my pain, would I do it again for charity.... quite possibly!

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