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Dr Carver's Beard Oil

a few weeks back I was gifted this oil by a friend of the family (the same friend who gifted me my 1st beard oil (reviewed on this site), they had asked if I'd like to try it, and do a review for my YouTube channel, I of course said yes......

Tonight, I finally got round to recording a review of it,

Now this is probably not a brand you will of heard of, I certainly hadn't, the reason for this being that it is a 'dollar shave club' branding, basically, you sign up to their service and they provide you with your monthly needs in the way of shaving goodies, or hair products.

So does this mean it's an inferior brand? well simply put NO!,

to buy it from the store it costs around £7 for a 1oz bottle, which is only just cheaper than the 'going-rate' so to speak of the premium oils, in this bottle are oils like sunflower seed oil, jojobar oil, barley oils, grape oils, all high quality stuff, and all very good for your face and beard...

It's scent base, is that of rosemary, and sandle wood, so it has a very soothing,relaxing scent coming from the rosemary, combined with the manly woody smell of the sandle wood that is so commonly used in beard products..

It goes on your hands via the pump action, and you only need 2 squirts, I did 3, and that was a lil bit too much for my (currently) shorter beard, its non greasy, and most of the oil was transferred to the beard and face

So in summary, am I glad I was gifted this? YES! will i be using it often? maybe at night when I put some oils in to keep the beard's even made me take a look at the website to look at the other items they have on offer, sadly no beard balms/butters/creams, but there is a hair care range, which I might have to look into product testing, and I think I saw they do a trial pack of things, so again, worth a looksy!

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