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Hot enough to burn!!!

Well it's that time of year.... I hate it... summer!!

As you know, (I think I'v said it before) I'm a winter person, gimme snow, hail, rain, thunder anytime.... any of that is better than this heat we got going on

As I keep telling people, in winter it's easier to warm up, than it is to cool down in summer,

Think bout it, in winter you've got heaters, extra layers of clothing, all sorts of things, but in summer what you got? air con that doesn't work properly, fans that just puff out a bit of wind? what else can u do.... get naked?!!!! but that's a bit of a faux pas ( I think that,s the term!) - you cant exactly go round naked to work/town!, and even then in some of this weather we've had in recent years even getting naked isn't enough to stay cool

so, gimme winter any day, I live for the cold, it makes you feel fresh and alive,

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