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Chilli product review part 9: kidz-world's chilli candy

Well then, another day another chilli product, this is a cheapo 1 though as I didn't really have much money to buy stuff for you guys in here or on YouTube..

This was sold as a 3-pack of chilli candy, little jelly beans of sweet and spicy delight in varying levels of spiciness for around £3.99 , it came in 3 basic fruit flavors ; strawberry/lemon/apple (plus whatever chilli component they were using)

The apple 1's were the sweetest, but also had the least heat in them, and when I say least heat I mean, my mum was able to handle it!

The next level was the lemon, a lil sweeter and sourer(?) than the apple, and ever-so-slightly more spicier, again nothin too serious

Last of all there was the strawberry, less sweet, but a more pronounced heat (nothing serious, but if you're eating them in order by this time there's a definite chilli kick going on)

I'v had a product similar to this... many, many moons ago. when i was a mere sprite of a teenager, my uncle bought them from a company called 'hot-headz' it came in a glass bottle similar to a tomato sauce bottle, the company is still around now, (and may feature in future chilli product vlogs/blogs)

'Is it any good though?' I hear you chant, well. tbh, yes its enjoyably sweet, and enjoyably chilli heat, not the biggest kick, but when it was combined with the sweetness it made for a nice change

I still have 1 pack left!!!

so to the scores:

06/10 for heat

08/10 for texture (was how jelly beans should be)

08/10 for taste (a brill sweet heat)

09/10 for value (I'm scoring these high as it worked from both sides, as a chilli product it was decent, but also as a sweet jelly bean it was also pretty decent)

.........but can it be beaten? I have another chilli jelly bean review to come in the near future, so stay tuned

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