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trying a beard oil for the 1st time

If you weren't aware, I do beard products on my youtube channel, I subscribe to a beard care club, where each month I get a beard balm scented with a new scent each time.......

Also, I buy the occasional balm here and there to try, but its always been balms, or butters

Well a friend of mine recent heard I do beard products, and thought she would buy me a beard oil, I'v never used beard oils til then, so I did a bit of research (basically watched youtube videos) on how to use/apply it.

Most oils come in 3 types of bottles from what I'v seen, either 1- just a basic screw tap

2- a pipette applicator

3- a pump action dispenser

This 1 came in the 3rd style, so very easy to use, just a few squirts and that's plenty, you then rub it between your hands and apply to your beard, rubbing into skin too...

The ingredients sound very complicated, lots of very long chemical sounding words, so I'm unsure whether the product was natural or synthetic, however it clearly stated it wasn't tested on animals and was also suitable for vegans.

It smelt from the bottle fairly subtle, but once you'd squirted on hands and rubbed into palms it really took on a different stronger smell. It smells fairly citrusy and musky with an over all masculine smell

Value for money? yes as it was free! but would I buy it? well looking online I discovered it sells for around £2-£5, and available from alot of stores/chemists. so would I buy it for a few quid?.....

YES.... it was nice, I'd deffo use it again, and will now start buying oils now I know they are infact a decent product

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