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Chilli product review: part 8 friars chilli truffles

Ok, 1st off, I know I'v skipped part 7, going by my vlogs this is product review 8, I'v missed out the chilli jellies cuz, well, crap!!! they did not deserve a follow up review basically!

So now I'm back in line with my vlogging reviews!

This 1 is a little disappointing, yet at the same time VERY good!, I stumbled across this site purely by accident, looking in fact for a decent strength coffee fudge for my neighbour (they do this!) when upon further inspection found it to be a site very similar to hotel chocolat, combined with an old fashioned sweet shop (as they sell sweets not just chocs)

! of these said chocolates were a dark chocolate chilli truffle, they come in 3 sizes, packs of 6/15/24. of course as I had little money and little knowledge of the quality I opted for the 6pack (around £3.99-£4-99 depending on the product) it arrived pretty fast, postage I think was around £3-4, which isn't too bad if you buy several things like I was pretty well packaged too, a little air thing so common these days (erm plastics people!!!) and a fair amount of tissue paper (thats more like it!)

They looked very lush as Tom Kerridge would say, little dollops of choc truffle coated in a lil layer of choc and dusted with cocoa powder, you could just about smell a hint of chilli once opened

Now came the important part... the taste, usually had i not been doing a vlog or blog on it I'd just gobble it down in 1, but hey, I was on camera, so bit into it, there was a slight chilli taste, but no real heat at 1st, it built up a little the more i chewed on it and finished the other half of the truffle, but it certainly wasn't like the chilli kicks I'v had with the other chilli chocs I'v tried during my time vlogging about them

I finished my 'live/recording' of the review, and promptly ate the other 5, once I'd eaten the whole pack (yes!) there was a definite chilli kick, but again nothing to worry my taste buds, this was a product not designed to blow your head off I came to understand, but merely to enhance the chocolate taste, kinda a reverse way of people adding chocolate to a chilli con carne. It's all about the enhancements with this truffle

on a side note, they did not state what kinda chillis they used!!!!

And so to the scores!....

04/10 for heat

07/10 for texture

09/10 for taste

08/10 for value (I feel this would make a great gift, like a xmas stocking filler)

08/10 overall, this was a very nice product that I MAY just have to order more of!

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