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Chilli product review: part 6.5 - 'psycho gherkins'

Ok, 1st off, you will notice this is out of sync with my vlog/yt site, that is because I did a vlog on there about chilli jellies, it was so bad, I had no intention of putting a review on here too!

Secondly, you will see this is a 6.5, and not a 7, this is because this is the 2nd half of the twin pack of 'psycho pickles' I bought from amazon.

Just like the onions in the previous blog, this is spiced with the naga jolokia. and it packs the same kinda punch, not big or lasting, but noticeable.

I'v pretty much said what I wanted to about the basics in the onions blog, and the video (check below!), however, since doing the video I'v had chance to eat these in a burger, just like I said I wanted to.

What I did was to get 3 of them, and finely dice them, put some into a standard shop bought burger relish, and some into a light mayo, both these were now nicely spiced, I found they really gave a nice punch to home made burgers, which were 'nice as' anyway but the added kick really made them sing so to speak, I doubt I will use this liquid from the empty jar, as I'm not sure if it's the same as the onion liquid, I will do a little bit of reading into that on the jar though,

As I started and still hold the thought, I still believe these to be slightly too crunchy, I would much rather they had been like the pickles you get in McDonalds but with this spicing

Also, now I'v had chance to try both onions and gherkins I think i can give a proper score to the value for money factor I couldn't give on the other blog, they are fairly well priced, to buy as a twin pack atleast, I wouldn't pay £5 for each separately, so infact I think it should be priced more around the £8 mark, but the cool design I spose is the added £2

I must now try the other product this 'psycho' lil devil has to offer on it's site

and so to the scores!!!......

09/10 for heat

06/10 for texture

09/10 for taste

07/10 for value

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