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Chilli product review part 6.. 'psycho' onions

so time for another chilli product review, this is 1 I bought as a twin pack, but so far I'v only product tested the onions, but later there will be a review on the gherkins too...

So lets get into it, 1st off its got naga jolokia chilli's in, which I think are the 2nd or 3rd hottest chillis in the world. so wasn't too sure on the heat level.

Once i opened it you could smell the pickled onions had a waft of chilli, they had a nice crunch to them, so not over pickled, or left in storage for ages (also the very long date tells you how fresh they are)

They kick a fairly powerful punch, not the hottest I'v had but deffo a nice 1, needed a small glass of milk!!

The onions had a definite taste of pickled onions, the chilli taste did not overpower it, the heat was a background taste that lingered a fair few minutes

My only negative is really the price, £10 for the twin pack, so just the pickled onions were a £5r, which is pretty steep in my opinion. but are they worth it? im not sure, i will hold off til I'v tasted the gherkins!!

And so to the scores!

09/10 for heat

09/10 for texture

08/10 for taste

??/10 for value for money

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