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Goths, and gothic music... a rant

Well where do I start here!!

Lets start with the 'elitists' these being goths who pretty much wear the full on black victorian influenced clothes, and only listen to 'gothic' music, that being a genre of music that came out around the era of punk and 80s romantics, bands such as bauhaus, and joy division. now here is where my problem starts, apparently according to these elitists, you can only be considered a goth if you listen to that type of music, and those bands

BUT, upon recently listening to these bands on youtube, to look at them you can see the punk and 80s romantics in their image more than the goth, ie they didn't wear black, or heavy make up... so I ask you, the 'elitists', why do you wear such things if these bands make you so gothic?!, why don't u wear traditional clothes as worn by you ever so precious bands!!!,

If you wear black surely that comes from the more stereotyped gothic image, which doesn't stem from the music, but from a totally different sub-culture, ie gothic/victorian clothing..... in fact if you're so goth why don't you listen to traditional gothic music, that being of a far past, the music that was around at the same time as gothic architecture (which is in my own opinion the true start of the gothic movement)

Now don't get me wrong here, I'm not having a go at ALL goths, just those elitists, after all, goths these days come in diff forms, cyber goth, victorian goth, trad goth, goth metal goth to name just a few, yet these due to there image and lack of 'traditional' goth music taste doesn't make them a goth???? come on get real, as long as you respect its origins, and adapt it to how you want so you stand out, that's all that matters right? after all the gothic movement was about being different, and the outcast, it is about the darker side of life, its an infatuation with life and death and its intricacies, the human mind and the human condition, its the love of black

Now I consider myself goth, so again, not a rant at goths, but I don't listen to traditional gothic music, I don't wear make up (though I do love that image) but its not for me, my gothic influences come from heavy metal bands such as lacuna coil (an italian gothic metal band) within temptation (a symphonic goth metal band) now these bands I'm sure will have gotten some of there influence from the traditional goth band, but its like a totally diff genre altogether, also, I love bands such as the prodigy, which is about as far away from goth music as you can get (so does that make me not a goth?!!!)


Yes that's right people, you read it correctly, marilyn manson is industrial metal of sorts mixing with nu metal, he just looks weird, so people label him a goth, cuz ya'know omg he's wearing make up!!!!

and cradle of filth, are in fact black or death metal, again not goth metal, though they do occasion have goth metal influences in there style

Dont get me wrong i love these bands, cradle of filth are my 2nd fave band to come out of the uk! and who doesnt love annoying people by playing marilyn manson!

Anyway, rant over... I just wanted to say, being goth is about a style of much more than just music, more than jus an iumage, more than just a lifestyle, its about bein you in a way that only you understand, and if anyone wants to tag along and call you a friend or goth, then so be it!!!!.......

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