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keef.... the firestarter, and me

As you'be probably heard by now (it's been a week or 10 days or so), 1 of my idols died, the awesome KEITH FLINT, apparently by hanging himself from what sources have said...

This makes me sad, VERY sad, he had been (and still is) a huge influence to me for the past 15 or so years, I got my septum pierced cuz of the guy, I had twin mohawks/anti-mohawk, or whatever you wanna call it (some people even describe it as devils horns) even doing it in a vast array of colors, again just like him, recently I stopped getting them done, not for a lack of wanting, but again, social anxiety meant I could just got to a barbers n get them done (before I'd have my flatmate or sister do them, but they can no longer for job reasons)

But in light of whats happened, I'v decided to try and put aside my social anxiety for a bit (still psyching myself up tho!) and get them re-done in his honor (piercing and haircut)......

Luckily, there is a place in my town, that does tattoos, piercings and even hair, now this seems to be a cool place, I can get my image sorted out in a 1-stop shop kinda thing!!.

So now all I gotta do is book a time, and actually get them all done....

heres to you keef.... I raise my pepsi max to you!!! (oh arnt i hardcore!!!)

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