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Back from the depth of hell.... no PC!!!

Well it's been a few months since my last post, and why I hear you ask!! well basically I'v had no PC, or laptop/netbook/smartphone etc, merely just a REALLY bad amazon fire, don't get me wrong they can be handy lil things for what they are designed for (light use over a wifi connection) BUT, not really designed to be used as a full time device, or certainly not my kinda usage

As you know I don't get out much, or talk to people in real life, so to be stripped of what I think is my basic human right of communication was pretty bad, now nothing serious happened, just my pc decided to break, and all my other tech is gawd-knows-where in the uk being seen to (lately I seem to have really bad look with tech)

This has left me kinda falling backwards in respect to my vlogging and blogging, as not having anything i can use for a cam (fire's camera is wayyyy basic) and not being able to blog without a desktop or lappy (these things are needed according to wix website) has left me without the ability to do either of my main internet joys (yea I actually do enjoy doing these thing!

anyway, I'm rambling now, bascially I'v had no means of communication for a a month n a bit, I do now, so I'm back on track (fingers crossed)

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