• vampyr 2109 a scam?.. or the best website ever?!!!

I'm sure you've all heard of, if not used the website! for those of you who haven't, basically it's like a giant online superstore from china, where lots of small 'stores/sellers' can sell their products (usually cheaper knock off versions of a bigger brand).....

Now, where it gets fun, is that its cheap, like dirt cheap, and they sell pretty much anything and everything. from free (you jus pay p+p) to a few hundred, depending what it is,

The main downsides are 1- you gotta wait a couple of week, hell it is coming from China after all!!! and 2- the quality, sometimes it can be pretty hit and miss as to what its gonna be like when it finally shows up,

I'v been using wish for a fair few months now, if not a year, and I can safely say I'v never had anything of terrible quality, everything has worked, or been of very good quality,

I'v bought coats, jackets, bags (a really awesome assassins creed record bag) usb ports for the pc, wireless headphones, earbuds, tunnels for my ears, a fairly varied range of stuff.

What I have seen on youtube though seems to be a total mix of quality, and I can only put it down to 1 thing: the more expensive the official thing is and the cheaper the knock off version is, the poorer the quality is, for eg, the airbuds, apple/beats are gonna cost alot of money, but you can buy a cheaper version of them for like £5, they are in a slightly bigger case, slightly bigger buds, and its a more cheaper quality plastic, but its still not terrible, if you're willing to put up with it

So to sumise , basically you're gonna get what you pay for, dont expect high quality item goods if you're only paying a few quid!, expect to be surprised though by what does turn up, yes it's only cost you a few quid, but its certainly not trash......

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