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Chilli product review part 5,- sdcf 'extreme' chilli chocolate

Hi and welcome to the latest chilli product review, if you're not already aware the sdcf is short for 'South Devon Chilli Farm'. It is a company/farm that specialises is growing and producing chillis and chilli products.

I 1st heard about these several years ago as they are situated prettyclose to where my oldest sister lives, and, as she knows I LOVE chilli stuff, she went there and bought me some peppermint chilli chocolate, then later that year for xmas, she got me a preserves pack, which included a chutney, salsa, and jam....

But anyway back to the review!...... tbh, knowing how gd their other products were i was pretty disapointed with this on 1st try (see my vlog, below) the heat of the chilli they use (a bhut jolokia) didnt really come through, surprising at its in the top 10 hottest chillis in the world, the chocolate was nice, semi decent chocolate, not the best, not the worst.....

Now, after trying more of it through an evening, the chilli does build up, which i actually like, as it almost tempts you, almost teasing you to try to see if you can take more of it, so for that i will give it a fairly decent 8.... as I'v said, the choc is semi decent, so a 6 there, and the same for texture..... however it falls pretty flat when it comes to value for money, this little bag (100g) cost a whopping £4.10 plus postage... pretty hefty if you ask me, when in comparison I could get a higher quality chocolate bag (60g) with a better, more intense chilli kick (even though the chillis used arn't as hot on the schoville scale) for much less (£2.60 plus postage {or local collection}) from a place called Oddfellow (check earlier bloggings!!)

So in summary we have:

08/10 for heat

06/10 for texture

06/10 for taste

03/10 for value for money

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