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Nothing.. If not the same!!

I was 1st diagnosed as type 2 diabetic 6 months ago, now 6 months later nothing has changed, LITERALLY,

My blood sugars are still 6.6, which apparently is still borderline and ok, my blood pressure is the same, pulse the same, weigh the same (which is pretty remarkable considering it's that festive time of the year where we all over indulge!) I weighed 121kg bk then and still weigh 121kg, with a body mass index of 44 point something (its meant to be around 24 point something)

So yeah, I'm pretty drastically overweight, which is why I'm diabetic. but as I'm pretty stable I'm not too concerned just yet, sure I could reverse it, but tbh, I don't drink alcohol, I don't go out clubbing, I don't do drugs ('cept those prescribed to me) I don't smoke cigarettes. my life is pretty plain, so why should I give up the 1 thing I actually do enjoy?.... chocolates and sweets!!!

This clearly is not the right way of thinking, but 'meh' this is honestly my way of thinking right now, why should I change, why should I give it up, at the moment its not life threatening, sure, when it's like a matter of life or death I may stop, but then again I may not!!

At the end of the day, there's 2 ways of looking at life:

life's too short so treat it well, living life as healthy as you can to prolong your existence


life's too short, enjoy it while you can, live life how you please, do what makes you happy!!

I personally like to live my life the 2nd way. It means I over indulge, and have really bad habits, but I'm 'enjoying' it as much as a depressed person can!!!

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