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I'v only gone and done it ain't I.......

Well it's been a few years in the making, a long time of built up patience on the side of my friends, but atlast, its here, my 1st PC gaming video...

Now I'v tinkered a little bit with a gaming video in the past, but using PsShare, so no real skill was used, I wasn't on cam or anything like that....

But last night, I finally did it, a 10 minute PC gaming video, and what game did I choose to use for it? why non other than.....

Unreal Tournament GOTY edition ofcourse

I used this simply because, as explained in the video, it was my 1st game I'd played on a PC, well technically, on a laptop, it gave me such a buzz playing it that 1st time, the graphics looked awesome, the controls worked well...

And I had that same buzz and fuzzy feeling doing this video last night, it felt right to use this game, and tbh, I think the graphics still hold up after almost 20 years

Is it a game you've played? do you remember it from all those years ago? let me know and we will have a convo bout it, either drop me a line here or leave a comment in the YouTube video

you can either go check out the video on YT or you can just watch it here below:

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