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Its beginning to look alot like........ failure!!!

Well then, it's almost the dreaded 'C' word again, this has as always been my time to frantically spend spend spend all the money i have (and a lot of what I don't)

I'm not the only 1 who gets into debt over this period, to me its almost as if its the only time debt is acceptable in peoples eyes, then they spend the whole of the following year recovering from it, making do with less of this or that.

But what happens if your already in debt? or you struggle to get out of it during the year, I like many fall into that 2nd part, because of my depression I don't see the point in keeping money, its something I'v never had tonnes of, but it used to be that what little I had I could control, spending wisely, sometime being almost frugal with it,

But these last few years all I'v wanted to do is spend spend spend, caring very little about the consequences, this has sadly left me being over drawn on my current account and 2 credit cards, it sounds pretty bad! I get paid my money, and it's gone within a few hours. sometimes if I know there's something i wanna buy I can just about hold off spending it til i'v bought what i want but buying expensive things is my only reason to save almost.

There is help out there, there's plenty of debt consolidation companies, or debt management orders plenty of such things, if you're really in debt there's even the debt write off the government can do to wipe out something daft like 80% of your debt, or there's always the bankruptcy option

Like I said, there's help, you just gotta take the 1st step in admitting you need the help....and currently I'm in 1 of my 'self-destruct' modes, and all 'cause of depression

I will no doubt, if things get even worse turn to the company that got me 3k out of debt a few years ago, but until then I'm happy with my situation, i roughly have control over it.

Anyway, this is to all you who suffer from debt issues, you are not alone, I am not alone, but try not to let this time of year become so engrossed in spending money to make people happy, i'm sure they'd rather have a happy you than a 100 quid pair of headphones!!!

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