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Meds... an update

Well then, its been an interesting few months.. if you've been reading my blog you will know I'v been messed around a bit with my meds... my GP can no longer prescribe them (my anti-psychotics) for whatever reason, this has left me in limbo, missing out on my meds for a few days each month while I wait for a letter off the psychiatrist to say he (or as it turns out she) can see me to take over my care.

Well on thursday i finally received a letter to say I had an appt to see her!!!! and when was this appt going to happen???

THE NEXT DAY!!! omg, talk bout stress, less than 24 hours notice....

I went there with an open mind, she was late for the appt (typical!!) then she just fired question after question at me for 45-50 mins....

At the end she decided she was going to give me 3 months supply of anti psychotics at a time, with a review every 6 months, and a ECG/bloods and medical every year, as my meds can really screw with my body apparently.......

Hmm why did my GP never do this or tell me about it I asked myself!

Well I'm over that, just glad I'm gonna continue to get my meds ok, and not having to see her every month

Anyway, just thought I'd put it down on a blog whats going on as I had done a rather open ended ominous blog the other month!

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