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A fan theory........!!!

I was in bed last night, trying to get to sleep (as you do!) when all of sudden I had a totally random fan theory......

Now there's lots of these going round, for eg, Willy Wonka is Dr who???? erm yea okayyyy, then there's the 1's that try desperately to link each Disney princess so they are all related in some way....

Well mine is this........ Dr Sam Beckett (quantum leap)is in fact 1 of Dr Who's incarnations!!!

was your mind just blown? or do i need to explain?

Well the Dr is a time traveller, as is Sam..... LINKED

Both the Dr and Sam always do good in each episode... LINKED

They are both genius' ..... LINKED

This 1 is a lil bit of a stretch, but to all ends they r both immortal, or will at least live for a very long time, and through basic time means they will always exist, be it in past, present or future

NOW has your mind been blown??

this was pretty much as far as I got with my theory, but I'm sure there are more links there somewhere

What do you guys think? am I onto something, or is it in fact jus the dozy late night musings of a middle aged fan of 2 tv series!?

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