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Chilli product review part 4 - Hawkshead relish chilli fudge

Hello there, yes, yet another chilli product review!!!

This time it's a small factory shop outlets product, they come from Hawkshead, hence the name. they do a huge variety of product, but again I'm concentrating on the chilli products. This 1 is a chocolate chilli fudge...

'A strange mix' you might say, but no, its actually an idea that works well, the quality of the fudge itself was high as its only made in small batches, so has a very nice texture to it.

value for money though is where it comes a little bit undone. it's a fairly standard priced fudge, BUT the postage was about as much as the product itself, so you are really paying double for the fudge, it does have a factory shop as I'v already said, so iv you were to go there, you wouldn't pay the postage.

Heat wise it was very tame, its only made with ' dried chilli flakes' a generic term that could be any variety of chilli, though having said this, my mum did struggle a little with the heat, to me its more of a black pepper type of heat

And so to the scores:

05/10 for heat, this was by far the tamest heat so far

09/10 for texture, this was a very nice creamy fudge

08/10 for taste there was a subtle hint of the chocolate

3/10 for value. bulk buy and save money on postage??

5/10 overall' this was a tasty product let down by the high postage costs

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