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Chilli product review part 2,- Carolina reaper chocolate..... the worlds hottest chocolate bar

Hi and welcome to part 2 of my series, this is the Carolina reaper chocolate by chilli wizzards

This is a fairly decent sized block of chocolate, 100g, BUT it costs almost a £5....£4.95 to be precise

You get 24 chunks in this bar, about average really when compared to something like a cadbury bar of choc, to this date I'v on ly had 2 chunks tho, I will explain why in this blog.

Upon putting it on your tongue you instantly feel the heat, this is made with 2.5% carolina reaper, it doesn't sound a-lot but trust me, it's enough

You never really get to taste the actual chocolate in this bar, all you get is heat, and it's an intense burning heat, which isn't a pleasant heat, you are faced with 2 choices when eating a chunk of this, do you;

1, eat it fast to and hope the heat doesn't get worse.

or do you;

2, suck on it and hope the dairy aspect of it being a chocolate soothes the heat!!

Iv tried both ways, and neither are any good, you will need atleast 2-3 pints of ice cold milk to even get it back to a bareable heat,

texture wise this feels like a very cheap bar of chocolate, sadly its not tho, even those euroshopper 60p bars have a better texture!

so on reflection this is my scoring;

03/10 for heat - its jus too damn hot!!

02/10 for taste - you simply dont get a chocolate taste

02/10 for texture - its cheap

01/10 for value for money - at best this is good to play pranks on you mates,

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