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Chilli product review- part 1, Oddfellows scorpion death chilli chocolate

Hello there, and welcome to what is going to be a new 'series' of blogs, if you follow my YouTube account you will know I'v recently started a series of vlogs on chilli product reviews, well this will be the written versions of that said series, where I will be able to give a 'better' review due to having given it more thought and not just a 1st impression.

And so onto it, I shall start with Oddfellows Scorpion death chilli chocolate, this is made by a small company near where I live (literally less than a mile away!) they make fairly high end chocolates,of various 'odd' flavors, hence their name!, but as this is a chilli series I'm jus gonna review the chilli 1's they do (3 in total i think)

it comes in a small brown bag, with a little window so you can see the delights inside, this alone makes it look rather posh! it is labelled clearly, it costs £2.40 per bag

Upon tasting it you 1st get the chocolate taste (its a 50 odd percent cocoa, so higher content than most milk chocs, but not quite there to be classed as a dark choc)

it is a rich chocolate taste, then slowly the chilli kicks in. it's a fairly intense chilli heat, but by far not the hottest chilli I'v tasted (see my carolina reaper videos!) its made with habanero chilli extract and dried chillis,

The heat lasts for a fair few minutes, but there's no need to drink milk or have any dairy to cool it down, its not that intense,

It has a great texture to it, again this gives it that 'luxury' posh feel to it, it comes in slithers rather than chunks, and you don't need a-lot of it to feel like you've eaten a decent amount (the bag itself is only about 60g, which is roughly a double decker or mars bar size weight)

On the whole I would give this product

08/10 for heat

09/10 for taste

09/10 for texture

09/10 for value for money

09/10 for the overall product, this is proper high class chocolates to be savored

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