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And suddenly it actual idea!!!

Its been a long time fellow readers, I am sorry, things have been, erm, chaotic to say the least. Nothing major, just stressing out over having to go into the big city and have a health assessment for my benefits. 5 bus journeys and a taxi to get there and back... now I'v just gotta wait for the results to see if I'm still entitled to ESA.

But anyway... getting back on track, the point of the blog!!!

I had a brainwave, an actual idea for a series of vlogs for my YouTube channel

My chilli eating video got a fairly decent reaction (mostly from people I know in real life over those online), so I thought, hey why don't I do a series of vlogs of me eating hot products and giving them a rating for taste, texture,heat etc etc.

Iv done a little bit of research, and there is a fair amount of chilli products out there, chilli chocolates, flavored chilli chocolates (like chilli with mint aswell) fudge, jams, mashes, chutneys, sauces... all available via ebay and amazon, and specialist websites (such as the south devon chilli farm)

From how I'v perceived this idea, it should be fairly good, interesting, informative to those who wanna know bout a product before buying it, and more over, I hope, it'll be really funny seeing me struggle with different chilli products

The monetary cost should be too costly, the sort of stuff I'll be buying will cost from £2-£7ish, and its the sort of thing I'd buy anyway, so I'm not going out of my way to buy anything

Anyway, enough of my rambling, what do you guys think? will this be something you'd watch?

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