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A little matter of time!!!

Well I was watching the European championships the past week or so, and it got me wondering....

Why is F1 (formula 1 racing) measured in the 1000th of a second, when, what is the likelihood of 2 cars ever finishing the race that closely,

Yet athletics is only measured in the 100th of a second, despite the fact that people can only run so fast, so you often get shared times.

Yes usually they usually do measure it BEHIND THE SCENES to the 1000th of a second to split the 2, but it should be onscreen so we know the people ain't being screwed out of a potential medal...

This seems a little bit odd to me, being a former athlete (and hater of F1)

Anyway, that is all, jus a little niggle I thought I'd share with you, do you agree/disagree? whats your opinion on sports timings? should there be a standard time index?


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