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A week that was..... number gawd-knows-what!!!

Hey there... been a while. I'v been editing my site, I hope you like the improvements Iv done (linking social media etc) I find now it feel a lil bit more bulked out and like an actual website, also I'v been editing my posts as a few people have commented on grammar and things... totally my bad, I tend to just write, then post without re-reading for errors!

So whats else has been goin on I hear you scream!!... well ok, you dont, but hey!

Well I don't know if any of you watch the shopping channels like 'Ideal World' or 'QVC' but recently they've been plugging fitness stuff.... mum found a bargain!

And so my journey on the 'Vibra-coach' began... its made my the 'Vibrapower' people, essentially its just a giant vibrating platform... the theory is it hyper contracts and relaxes your muscles, builds muscle and strengthens you, burns away fat tissues and so forth.... according to the book its what astronauts use in space as weights dont work (gravity eh!!!)

So yea, this is now me, doing bout 6 mins on that a few times a day, and boy do you feel it depending which body part you're working... I doubt it will, but hopefully I will lose a bit of bulk round the ol' belly area.

And why am I now doing this? well I had a bloods test several weeks ago, and saw the nurse, turns out I'm just in the border of being type 2 diabetic


I do not intend on giving up choc tho, I don't smoke or drink alcohol, or do drugs, so why should i give up 1 of the few things I actually like in life!?

I will cut back, or another way, only eat good quality choc so no need to eat as much. Not dark choc though, eww bitter, choc should be sweet and yummy!!

But combined with exercise, I will TRY to eat a more healthier diet.. as I have always said, my fave meal is actually chicken salad wraps, I could live off them! increase salad, reduce the cheese and mayo contents (we only use the lighter/be good to yourself stuff anyway)

Anyway this has been my (several) week or so, exercise and editing websites

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