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Autochorissexuality... a new term for myself.. perhaps?....

Well, this morning, after a long night of being awake I checked upon my facebook (isnt that what everyone does 1st thing in the a.m these days!?) and came across a post about an asexual woman, and discovering about her sexuality and her disconnection from it

It turns out that there is a term for this....

AUTOCHORISSEXUALITY........ after reading this a few things snagged in my head, this is something that sounds very similar to my struggle with sex and sexuality, it is basically a term given to people who have sexual fantasies, but they are themselves disconnected from them, so its not about themselves, and they have no desire to enact the said fantasies

OMG...... I thought, this is deffo me, it is a form of asexuality,

Upon doing a little research I found there is a tonne of diff sub categories of asexuality, and this 1 appears to suit me the best due to the fact I do find women attractive, but that's as far as it goes.....I do however still think I'm going down the non-binary route, as I don't consider myself a male or female, just a being, but now an Autochorissexual being.. man, what a mouthful!!

Where do I go from here I find myself thinking..well its certainly nice to know for starters that there's a term for it, and that I'm not some sort of random freak all alone in the world, a little bit more digging and I find that there are forums and sites for people who have the various forms of asexuality, maybe I can make a new group of friends who wont find it freaky, and be able to talk about experiences and feeling openly

This could be an exciting time for myself... or it could jus be something that gets burried underneath my male outer shell.

anyway, enough for now, do a little research into it yourself, and see what you make of it, does it describe me? or is it jus the gender police going crazy and having to categorise everything into sub categories as to define each and everyone of us, rather than embracing our uniqueness

#asexual #asexuality #autochorrisexuality #openminded #dontjudge #genderconfused #lackofsleep #nonbinary

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