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You'll meet my friend PAIN

Well I'v only gone and done it again havent I!!!

Yup, gone and eaten a Carolina Reaper chilli this time, sure it all sounds fun "oh lets do summit crazy for youtube, it'll be a laugh" I seem to remember saying........

All I remember now is pain, uncontrollable pain, and suffering.

The vlog started off ok, not brill, a bit of a 'erm wot am I doing again?' kinda rabbit in a headlight thing went on. but once I got going it was ok, then I started to eat the chilli, man it wasn't till it was down my throat that it hurt, my tongue swelled up, eyes watered

The worse part?...... it actually was kinda fun, atleast in that it was funny I was recording it and able to look back n think to myself - what a prat

Anyway the video is uploaded to youtube now, so if you wanna have a laugh at me being totally dumb head over to

#dumbass #carolinareaper #worldshottestchilli #pain #fun #jusforlaughs

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