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Who needs sleep anyway!!

Well hello there, I'm struggling with my sleeping pattern still, it seems to be sleep loads 1 night ,then no sleep for a day or two, not sure why, but I know its starting to get annoying, not only for me, but also those around me

Ofcourse, while I'm awake at night I still need nourishment, my body is still burning up cals, so I'm finding myself eating a-lot at night, which probs isn't getting digested properly, I'm drinking more, which is leading to constantly going loo to pee, all of this leads to health issues, also while up all night I'm finding myself window shopping, sometimes its ok, other times its not good, specially when Iv just received some PPI back off my bank....

spending spreeeeeeee!!!

#sleeppatterns #nosleep #lackofsleep #midnightsnacks #ppi #spendingspree #annoying

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