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Depression.. a breakthrough!!!

As you all know I suffer from clinical depression amongst other things, I'm on a fairly high dose of anti depressant ( a total of over 100mg a day) at-least I think that high!....

Iv been taking supplements for a few months now (as I'v stated in a previous blog) to top up the effects of the meds, and it's totally working, I no longer feel fuzzy, no longer get suicidal thoughts, there's still a way to go, last week I became extremely agitated and restless, barely able to sleep... but not for anything bad......

no, actually it was for the good reason of the fact my body was now probs producing too much of seratonin (the happy chemical) with this being the case I took a few steps, I'm due a meds review in a few months time, so I'm now thinking of asking about reducing my anti depression meds, either by only taking a single dose in a.m and p.m, rather than a double a.m and single p.m, or by cutting out the p.m and just having the double in the morning

I will of course write and let you all know the outcome, at the end of the day I don't wanna be taking meds my whole life, and probs are the dr's don't want me to be on them for life either

so, here I am, standing tall for once, proud to say that atm depression isn't beating me, I'm actually beating it......!!!!


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