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The downfall of man

Have you ever got angry with your fone or pc/laptop? or for that matter anything that could in todays society be controlled by a cpu?

This has happened to me this weekend, I only use a basic laptop atm for personal matters I wont go into, but because it's so basic it's very limited to what it can do, and doesn't have a great processor or ram or anything, well I tried to do few things on Saturday, and bam, it blackscreened (luckily not as deadly as a blue screen, but annoying non-the-less. reset it, and bam, chrome started to sputter at me, then eventually crash....

This really annoyed me, I ran a few malware and anti virus stuff, found a few infections, cleaned it up, it's Sunday and I'v only jus got it back working to a stage where I can do stuff again.

It made me realise how dependant the human race is on technology, and how easily we get wound up with it when it doesn't work

It made me think of such films like 'demon seed' and 'the matrix' and 'the terminator' and other such films where in humanities future technology turns on us, and thus eventually gets into a huge war for supremacy

I think we are on the cusp of this now, AI isn't the greatest, but I cant help but think that on a lower level technology is already plotting against us, plus there are people who can manipulate stuff via hacking to do their biddings.

I think we are too reliant on technology (he says using a laptop to communicate to you all)

How do you feel about technology, are u a technophobe? do you constantly get annoyed with gadgets in you life? or are you at peace with technology and think it will only enhance our future?

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