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Well ok, I'd actually forgot I was doing these things, not much has happened really in the past month or so, which is probs why I'v forgot bout it

Well it's almost that time of year, festivities n all that malarky, but its almost the time for the new years resolutions and so forth, I tend not to bother with pointless things that I know I wont keep to, like getting more exercise, or giving up choc, instead my usual resolution is to be a better person, be that by being a nicer person to those who don't like me, or improving my mental health....

Next year I'v decided to try alternatives to my regular meds by using supps, this has mainly been for a few reasons, 1 being I'm already on the max dose of the only anti psychotic I trust, and tbh, they barely do their job, and the same goes for my anti depressants, there's still a little leeway there, but I'd rather not become totally dependent on drugs like I pretty much am with my anti psychotics

I have a friend who is very health (body and mind) aware of things, and hes recommended a few things, all natural, so I will do my own research into them, and make my mind up, they work for him (hes in the same boat as me on a few things) so no reason why they wouldn't work for me.

The main drawback to these supps and alt methods is they can be fairly expensive, but if they work it's worth it right?!

Only time will tell, and if they do i may just get back into doing my vlogs, which i will of course link through this blog page

Anyway, do you make these daft resolutions,do you keep them, or like most ppl do they go out the window once the festive alcohol has worn off!!!

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