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Can i handle it?...... turns out i cant

Well the other day on 'this morning' Phillip Schofield tried the worlds hottest crisp/chip type thing, it was made with the worlds hottest chilli.......

The 'deadly' carolina reaper, now it's called reaper for a reason, its dammmmmmnnnnnnnnnn hot

Now I'm a bit mental right? you've worked this out by now I'm sure, well I thought it'd be a really good idea to try it, on ebay its like £40 + £10 p+p... I love chilli's but Im not daft enough to pay that much just for 1 crisp (that's all you get in the pack because if the heat)

So I did a bit of looking, and found a few cheaper alternatives, like a 10g pack of chilli powder made with the same chilli, again the fact its only 10g shows how hot it really is, also I found a bar of choc with a 2.5% chilli content of the same said chilli, well I couldn't resist that now could I.

They both arrived a few days ago, all sealed, but you could still smell the heat


Boy oh boy is it hot, the moment it touches your tongue you feel the burn, then pain, forcing you to take 1 of 2 options, either suck it, and hope any dairy in there calms the heat, or chew/swallow it asap to get rid of the heat, I went for the 2nd option, kinda a mistake because by doing that i just chomped through 2.5% chilli's

after 5 mins I was in actual agony, even milk didn't seem to help, the pain grew in my mouth, then down through my body, eventually ending in my gut.........

I'm dreading going to the loo!!!!!

Now all of this pain happened with just 1 square of the choc, and you get 24 squares in the bar, I'm determined to have the bar, I'm not gonna waste choc, I may give it people as a joke or a dare, but it will not go to waste

So my final statement is this, 1- I dare you to try it!!!!! and 2- huge kudos to @schofe for going 8 mins without milk on the crisp challenge

I may juT of found a chilli product that can beat me!!!!

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