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Loneliness, my thoughts

It was on the local news last night that loneliness is becoming a national epidemic in older people, I can see why, you get married stay together for 50-60 years and 1 of you dies, naturally your gonna feel alone, the person you've spent your life with has vanished, you may even of outlived your kids if you had any, the younger people around you are out at work so you pretty much see no-one all day, just you and the tv/radio

I understand this, it's not nice to happen but its logical

But what about loneliness in the younger generation,

It happens,

I'm 37 and lonely, I'm not alone, I have my mum with me most the times for my mental health, but I'm still lonely, and I can tell you it's not a nice feeling, most the time I wake up knowing the only person I'm gonna see is my mum, we are of-course of different generations, so my interests are totally different to hers, which is where my loneliness comes in, I know pretty much no-one of my own generation, when I left school age 18 that was it, I never saw my school friends again, even to this day I don't see them, a-lot went to uni and moved on, the rest seem to have vanished from planet earth.

I miss my school friends,

I am in a vicious circle, I'm lonely which makes my mental health worse, so I don't go out, which in turn makes me even lonelier

Here is where you would think with the wonders of the internet I'd hunt them down, well I'v tried, 'v even reached out to the odd person, but with no luck

Don't get me wrong though, I do have friends..... ONLINE friends, but even these can be counted on a single hand, but that's not the same, it's not sitting down with a cuppa having a good natter, plus again, a-lot of those friends are of a diff generation, either a good decade older or younger than me, when we do drop a line it is always nice, and lifts my mood.

Last night I had a dream, it was the 21st anniversary of my class graduating (a very american thing to do yes?)

Well in this dream everyone spoke politely during the event, but afterwards, yet again I was ignored, I know it's only a dream, but its kinda affected me a little today, hence this blog


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