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A week that was #4

Ok, well not entirely true, it's been 3 I think, but tbh time has kinda ran away with me, I'v been so worn out and sleepy I'v hardly known what day it is let alone be alert enough to do a blog.....

So, whats been happening then? well I get paid and blow it all on the same day, not a good idea really, need to hold back, I'v actually bought some fairly useful stuff tho, mostly stuff for the garden shed so we can see at night!

I also got my hands on a (fairly) rare animated film voiced by Dani Filth (of cradle of filth fame) and a few other legends of horror, its called 'Dominator' also discovered that there has been yet another chucky film come out, so I'm keeping my eyes on that, also wonder woman and the mummy (Tom Cruise) are recent releases I need to look out for when I have the cash, I'v built up my collection of TBBT by buying seasons 6&7 (less than a £10 for both).

That's been it really on the spending side of things, the reason iv been able to do that also is because iv made a start on selling my ps4 games, sold 2 atm, and got another 4 or 5 to go, they've not made major mullah but it's been enough to see me straight, and if I'm honest I'v actually enjoyed and got a little buzz out of selling stuff, I can see why a few of my friends do it now!

Well other than than spending and making money I'v not really done much, finally we had about a week of decent non rain weather or high winds, (remember those days!?) so we finally got out to do the garden 1 last time before winter

Anyone who follows me on fb will know i had a slight concern the other week when I couldn't grip anything with my left hand without it shaking, luckily this has passed, but its something I'm gonna keep an eye on in-case it happens again

Music wise I got around to listening to Bowies last album, and tbh it sent shivers down my spine, but not in a good way, there is a certain eeriness in his voice, and the music wasn't the usual style I associate with him, all in all I think its an album I'm glad i own and listened to, but i dunno if I could face listening to it again

Well I think that's your lot, please leave a contribution in the pot. #1 pt for those who can guess the reference!


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