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Sequels, remakes and 're-imaginings'

Well as you can prob guess this is a film/tv based rant!!!.....

It seems to be atm that producers/writers/directors and the likes have no imagination these days, I guess I noticed it a few years ago, a more specific time would be when Dwayne 'the rock' Johnson appeared on Paul O''Grady show plugging his latest film 'return to witch mountain' or whatever they called it, this was a film I remember seeing as a kid, and got me thinking, why would they need to remake it, only the rock said it wasn't a remake, but a 're-imagining' made me laugh, surely it's the same thing, and tbh, yes it is, just with a few revamped tweaks.

Since then there's been tonnes of remakes/re-imaginings (the evil dead/ghost-busters to name but 2)

Now these don't bother me too much, after all the general census is things change, so stuff needs to change in accordance, such has more politically correct ghost-busters to please the ever decreasing gender gap

But what really bugs me is the sequels that have happened over the last few years, I understand why they are made, a film does well, so you wanna cash in on that success so you create a sequel or even a prequel to expand on that films universe. what I find bugging me is when they wait 20 years to make the said sequel/prequel... this..this is what really gets me fuming, mostly because by then times have changed and a film that did good 20/30 years ago might not do well now, but people have been blinded by it's cult status

I can forgive the likes of star wars for this, mostly because George Lucas said from the get go he wanted to make a trilogy of trilogies, and that will take time. I for 1 enjoyed the prequels more than the originals, maybe Because they were more of my time I'm not sure, so far I'v enjoyed ep7 and eagerly await ep8, but rogue 1 makes my point for me, it seems to be a film cashing in on the success of its main feature.

Recently the same has been happening with tv, only in the last few days have I heard that they are bringing back the generation game (its 4th incarnation if memory serves me right) and supermarket sweep (its 3rd outing) and tbh with all the hype surround the fact its been like 25 years of the gladiators it wouldn't surprise me if that harks a re-submergence , and of course the crystal maze has made a fairly successful return

Basically Im starting to feel as if we are all in some sorta twisted 80's time-warp, where everything is familiar yet different

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