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A week that was #3

Well it's been a week already, nothing much has changed, still pouring with rain.

Remember my last update I said I'd done my back in? turned out it was actually a pulled groin muscle, embarrassing or what! literally every time I'v moved its felt like iv been kicked in the nuts, this has been the theme for most this week

The only other thing to happen was for me to have my last (ever?) cpn appt. it went well, we knew it was gonna be the last 1 at the start of the month, so just used the time to reflect and have a laugh, shes very proud of how far I'v come, I still have a way to go, but I can do that on my own.

I listened to most the music I'v recently bought, nothing that's stood out but may do a review of them. If I do it'll be a vlog not on here!

I'v still not got around to selling my ps4 games, not sure whether to do a joblot, or sell as singe games

All in all the week has been a bit mute thanks to that injury

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