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A week that was #2

Well ok its actually been 2 weeks since my last weekly update, but heres whats been going on in my crazy world!

RAIN........!!!!!!!!!!.......... yea mostly rain this past week or 2

Iv had a pay day, so bought lots of things, ncis season 11, just got the 2 most recent seasons to get now, best show on tv! and if anyone disagrees I'll Gibbs slap ya!

After watching a recent tv article I'v gone out and bought me and my mum some of these card blocker things, basically you put your contactless card in it and it blocks the signal, so people can't scan it while its in your pocket,

peace of mind for a lil fee of about a quid!

A few years ago I bought a Deathstars cd off a website, I liked it so this week iv decided to buy some more, 3 albums in fact, yet to listen to them, plus also on the subject of music, 1 of my fave British bands released their latest offering, cradle of filth being the band ofcourse, it's not a bad album, iv only given it 1 listen through, will give it a closer listen at a later date

It's started to get dark early, which has prompted me to buy warm snuggly clothing, including some decent winter boots, and a superdry hoodie. also dug out my already owned winter clothing, mostly long sleeved t-shirts

I'v sifted through my ps4 games and found some I don't play anymore, so by next weeks update I shall try and put them up on ebay to sell

Saturday I decided to sort out my desk area, chucked out the old useless pc tower and monitor, cleaned down the desk, and set up my netbook with a few office type things placed around it..... doesn't look too shabby if I do say so myself

Today has actually been rain free, so decided to get out n sort out a bit of mess in the garden, cleared out bindweed, brambles, weeds etc, sorted out the shed, all that has left me in a fair bit of back pain (I'v had back problems for years thanks to my last job)

Speaking of jobs, I'v actually redone my c.v and have started to look at part time work in the area, a bit of a shock to the system, but baby steps!!

Well i think that's all that happened with me, mood wise I'm still good, by my next update I will have had my final cpn meeting

that's all from me, see you next week!

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