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The master race 'v' fanboys..... which is better...FIIIIIIIIGHT

Well to alot of you, these terms may mean absolutely nothing, to others it will spark a huge debate....

Let me explain a little, the 'Master Race' is the generic term given to PC gamers, and 'Fanboys' is generally given to console gamers who idolise or stick to 1 specific companies brand, ie xbox or playstation,

This is my opinion on such matters, GET OVER IT, IF YOURE A TRUE GAMER YOU WILL LOVE ALL FORMATS!!!!

Yes i am a gamer, in the true sense of the word, I play PC Xbox Playstation and Nintendo, and when the urge takes me even old skool retro stuff,

I do no understand why some gamers feel the need to choose a format, and then spend alot of their time belittling all other formats, just enjoy playing games, think of what you're missing out on if you refuse to play a format because you think it's inferior or cant be as good as what you know you like

I think this mindset is happening because gaming is becoming too big, too serious, too competitive, it's no longer full of fun like the days of the Mega Drive and SNES, yes its still escapism but you're escaping into a world that's so real its unreal!

Games such as 'G.T.A' and 'C.O.D' have actually convinced people they are good with guns, that violence and gang warfare is good, death has become glorified.

Long gone are the days kids would rush home to see how many gold rings a bright purple hedgehog could collect, these days they wanna jus get home and kill their mates

So I ask you, where do you see gaming heading? I have a few very far out ideas myself, and tbh a couple fill me with dread, 1 such idea is that gfx is gonna go into actual footage of people and locations and will use actual footage of war to depict your actions, in a sense you will b in the war, not just a mock up of it, and it will be in real time too, so for example if Trump and Kim-Jong-Un go into war the game will brought out there and then and you will pretty much play alongside the veterans of war as the war unfolds...... this is obviously so out there it would never happen, but it's a worrying thought

So, the answer to my header... which is better? well in my opinion non, they all have good and bad for them, just enjoy gaming for fun, and don't take it too seriously, remember it doesn't depict real life, and try not to be a fanboy, respect others choices

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