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A week that was #1

Well I thought I'd do a bit of a weekly round up of whats been going on in the world that is my life,it being Sunday 'n'all.

Well Monday was my birthday, I turned 37, gettin old, but still young enough to have childlike ambitions, I got a few gift from people, but as per the person who got me the most was infact........ me.

I treated myself to blu-rays mostly, more specifically the resident evil films (inc cgi stuff) I now have all 9 (6 live action + 3 cgi) I got myself the family guy blue harvest trilogy on blu-ray, I got a bit of money off 2 good friends in Scotland, which went on some Pauley Perrette stuff and part towards a new ps4 game. I also got a new coat off mum, I bought myself a cake, I usually do, that way I know its gonna be a cake I'll enjoy.

All in all it was a good day

I spent the week listening to Static-x, my all time fave band, and a bit of ICP (insane clown posse) a bit random if you know me

Also this week I'v been discussing some graphic design work I'v had commissioned from a friend I have who is a very talented graphic artist/designer, these will b based on the channel 4 sitcom 'the IT crowd' 1 of my fave sitcoms, I'v had SEVERAL posters off him in the past and they have all turned out excellent, 1 of the posters hes recently done is a lego star wars poster for my nephew.

I'v not really read much, mostly other people websites and blog pages......... I'm still playing catch up since getting back online

I don't really watch much telly, but some things do attract me to it, for example, iv keenly been watching the modern version of the crystal maze, it's still just as fun, and is now hosted by 1 of the main cast of the IT crowd, so appealing to me right there, its been jazzed up a bit, the future zone now looks like it's come straight off the set of the star trek remakes and the dome itself now flashes, all in all a welcome return. Also its the time of year for celeb masterchef, I'm not much of 1 for celeb shows, but I'v always enjoyed masterchef, even back in the days of Lloyd Grossman, for some reason watching people cook appeals to me. I find it interesting seeing these hopeless 'celebs' turn into accomplished cooks

I have a few documentaries to watch, mostly health based 1s recommended to me by a friend, they will at best open my eyes to what really goes on in certain fields but doubt it'll change my eating or lifestyle habbits .Most my viewings are now done online, youtube etc or recorded from tv from late at night

I intend on starting to use ebay a bit more as I'v stuff I could do with selling, mostly ps3/4 games I dont really play much, plus a few dvds of films iv now got on blu-ray, eg resi evil!

Some good news was on weds my cpn has decided our next meeting at the end of the month will be our last, I'v come far enough to cope on my own now, I think I briefly touched on this in a previous blog, but now its an official statement, this is a scary yet exciting time but certainly 1 I'm looking forward to

That's pretty much it, a fairly standard week (cept the birthday thing) so shall leave it here, I hope you've all had a decent week too!!

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