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Doping in athletics

Im an athlete.....yea I can see you laughing, OK, I USED TO BE an athlete, hard as it is to believe, I could actually run the 100m in around 11secs, which was pretty fast for an 18y/o, yea I'm no Usain Bolt, but I could hold my own in races, it was my p.e teacher that 1st got me into the sport, i was in the bottom group for p.e so was a bit strange that i excelled at this port,

Football? not for me, rugby? ew human contact!.....

No athletics was defo the sport for me, just do summit as fast or as far as you can, he saw my potential in the 100m and asked if I wanted to do the school trials for the squad, I laughed, thought he was joking, but no, I was actually faster than the guys in top group

..... And so it began.......

My times improved, going from a 13.5secs in year 7 to a 11.5sec by the time id left for my g.c.s.e's in year 10, I did a bit for Burton athletics club, representing them in the 200m on my 14th birthday, this was where i honed my time to the 11ish secs

I did athletics for school for 5 years, during which time I did the county championships in Sheffield,

But yet again, my story gets ruined by depression. I fell into a downward spiral of self hatred, so i ate, gained weight, and couldn't take it, hell I cud barely run 100m let alone do it in a decent time

This is 1 of my life regrets, at 37 if id of kept it up id just be past my prime, possibly representing my country and running against 1 of the greatest sportsmen alive, the guy iv already mentioned, Usain Bolt.

This neatly brings me to the point of this blog...... drugs doping!

In my opinion if you get caught it should be a life time ban, NO exceptions, if you take meds its your responsibility to inform the governing body you are on them so things can be put into place, jus like Aries Merrit

Whats the point now, if you get caught you get stripped of your honor, your medals, your times, your then stigmatised as a drug cheat and no-one is gonna trust or respect you again

Justin Gattlin is the perfect example of this, a 2 time drug cheat, he gets boo'ed by the crowd, and if other athletes were totally honest theyd probs admit to not liking or trusting the guy

Another example is Russia, an entire country banned for doping, except those few who have proven to be clean, but now those are 'authorized neutral athletes', and cant even have the pride of representing their country if they win an event, no national anthem for them

Anyway enough of my rant, but i think being an 'ex' athlete i deserve my 2 pennies worth, now tell me what you think

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