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Catfishing.... the ins and outs

A long time ago there was a guy, this guy had no self confidence, so to chat to other people (and specifically women) he created a yahoo chat id as a gay female......

This guy was me, things got out of hand, as I was still catfishing a decade later to the same people, then I went away for a year, and did a lot of thinking

Catfishing is bad, very bad

During my time away I realised how easy it is to be someone else, to hide behind an image that isn't you, for me the funny side of my catfishing is that I was being catfished myself by the very same person id been chatting to all those years.

People have all sorts of reasons to catfish, a lot is to scam people out money or to get revenge on people, others do it just for a laugh.. but as I said for me it was due to a lack of self confidence, I no longer catfish, my self confidence is better, but still not great, but tbh I'm past caring now, if people wanna chat to me they can, if not its no loss, I know now that chatting to the opposite sex is not a major thing in life, and when I do I'd rather that person know its me they are talking to rather than some made up version of me, or a gender-bended version of me.

So my question is this, have any of you experienced catfishing, have you done it yourself, do you watch the tv series and think its a daft thing to do?

I shall leave you with a video, my thoughts on catfishing before I realised there was a term for it, and before I went away

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